Mining Solutions


I.C.C’s mining solutions at a glance

I.C.C’s Mining Solutions business offers a diverse range of chemicals and technologies for mineral processing to improve process efficiencies and aid the economical extraction of valuable resources. We offer our products and technology solutions to the mineral processing industry along with expert advice and technical support. Our team is driven by a common goal to provide the best sustainable solution to meet our customers’ processing needs. We can provide reagents, process technologies and expertise, focusing on applications such as flotation, water treatment and explosion.

I.C.C’s flotation range includes collectors for non-sulfide ores, frothers, dispersants, and explosive emulsifiers. I.C.C’s expertise in surfactant chemistry has resulted in a long history of innovation allowing us to provide innovative, sustainable solutions to ensure our customers’ operations run more efficiently by delivering operational and financial benefits.

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I.C.C’s commitment to an innovative mining industry

Innovation is at the heart of I.C.C’s Mining Solutions business as our aim is to develop novel and innovative chemistries and technologies to effectively meet the evolving challenges that the mining industry continues to face. I.C.C is committed to working in close collaboration with our customers, academia, and industry organizations. I.C.C’s extensive backward integration into the building blocks of product chemistries for mineral processing enables us to effectively apply our knowledge and chemical experience to develop both conventional and novel chemistries to meet the technical and commercial challenges faced by the industry, both today and in the future.

With our chemistry, industry experience, and customer commitment, I.C.C can uniquely package competencies and expert offerings to effectively support the diversity of mineral processing technology developments and process challenges.


Flocculants are chemicals that are used to promote flocculation by causing colloids and other suspended particles in liquids to to aggregate forming a floc. More info

Explosive Emulsifiers

I.C.C has developed a new range of high performance emulsifiers for bulk explosive emulsions and packaged explosives. More info

Filter Aids

Dewatering aids are used to reduce cake moisture in the filtration of mineral slurries. More info

I.C.C Mining Services provides solutions tailored to meet your needs within Mining.  I.C.C Mining is a leading provider of flotation chemicals and emulsifiers for explosives to the global mining industry.

A brief look at the history and importance of mining

Mining has a long and proud history. Since prehistoric times we have been crushing and grinding ores by hand pounding them with a hard stone then progressing to using metallic hammers. The evolution of mining technology has paralleled human development. The stamp mill was introduced in the middle ages to handle increasing operation levels. Later the grindstone was developed for more efficient grinding of ores. Many of today’s innovative separation technologies have grown from more ancient techniques such as panning for gold and hand sorting of minerals. The discovery that organic compounds were effective floating agents in the 1920s led to the use of flotation using oils to collect mineral particles and float them on the surface of aqueous slurries. Mining has played such an important role in the progress of civilization that many important cultural eras were associated with and identified by various minerals or their derivatives, e.g., the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Steel Age and the Nuclear Age. Today surface mining continues to play an important role in providing the resources we need to keep civilization moving forward. We have become much more aware of the impact that mining activities can have on the environment. New techniques and processes are being developed constantly to minimize environmental impact while optimizing production levels.

We rely on our employees and experts and significant plant operations experience to develop, manufacture, supply and service the specialized chemical needs of the mining industry. Our extensive experience allows us to formulate and supply customized solutions for your unique needs.

Note: This information is based on our present state of knowledge and is intended to provide general notes on our products and their uses. It should not therefore be construed as guaranteeing specific properties of the products described or their suitability for a particular application. Any existing industrial property rights must be observed. The quality of our products is guaranteed under our General Conditions of Sale.