Tallow Amine Ethoxylate

Fatty amine ethoxylate are made by ethoxylation of primary fatty amines and combine the wetting, emulsifying and dispersing properties of nonionic and cationic surfactants. At neutral and acid conditions fatty amine ethoxylates have a positive charge, at alkaline conditions they behave like nonionic surfactants. Fatty amine ethoxylates are used as emulsifiers and dispersing agents for cationic wax emulsions, as wetting agents in sanitary cleaners and crop protection products like soluble liquids of pesticides and as antistatic agents. Their specific surface active properties make the TAE grades a valuable basis and additive for the chemical technical industry. They can be used to manufacture textile auxiliaries (e.g. products for dyeing), as mineral oil additives, in crop protection products and pesticides, and as raw materials for cosmetics and adhesives TAE grades can be combined with all types at nonionic and cationic surfactants, and are compatible with anionic products on a case-by-case level. The TAE grades are resistant to most chemicals at typical concentrations used and insensitive to water hardness. Ethoxylated fatty amines are nonionic surfactants used as an emulsifier and in formulating emulsifier blends. Used as a wetting agents, dispersants, stabilizers, sanitizers and defoaming agents. End applications include agrochemical emulsifiers, industrial cleaners, metal cleaners, textiles, paper de-inking, drilling products and detergents. Used as an intermediate for the synthesis of anionic surfactants. Fatty amines ethoxylates have many uses, primarily as nonionic surfactants in various formulations both, industrial & domestic. These are also used as cleaning agents, antistatic agents, dispersants or emulsifiers, in textile formulations, corrosion inhibitors in metal & emulsifiers, adjuvant in agrochemical formulations oil field chemicals, fabric softeners, petroleum additives and for applications in textile and leather processing.

 I.C.C manufactures a wide range of ethoxylates of tallow amine.

Tallow amine ethoxylate with 5 EO


TAE 5 is a neutralizing agent for corrosion protection oils, cutting & forming fluids and rolling fluids.

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Amine ethoxylate with 10 EO

TAE 10

TAE 10 is a medium EO range tallow amine ethoxylate.

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Tallow fatty alkyl amine ethoxylate with 15 EO

TAE 15

TAE 15 is a neutralising agent for corrosion protection oils, cutting & forming fluids and rolling fluids and a lubricity improver for neat cutting metalworking fluids. TAE 15 is also used in crop protection applications, it is the standard adjuvant for glyphosphate IPA formulations.

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Tallow fatty alkyl amine ethoxylate with 20 EO

TAE 20

Tallow fatty alkyl amine ethoxylate with 20 EO

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