Coconut Fatty Acid Ethoxylate

Coconut fatty acid ethoxylates are formed from ethoxylation process where fatty acids are made to react with ethylene oxide. This ethoxylation process is known as fatty acid ethoxylation. The ethoxylate bi-products formed from this ethoxylation process are nonionic surface active agents used in domestic as well as industrial formulations. These are widely applied in processes as emulsifying softeners, wetting agents, cleaning agents and dispersants. The most popular application of these fatty acid ethoxylates is in textile industry. They are used as spin finishing agents in various textile formulations. Likewise some of the popular variants of ethoxylated fatty acid formulations used in industries are coconut fatty acids. All kinds of fatty acid ethoxylates are mixtures of monoester, diester and free polyethylene glycols. Fatty acid ethoxylates have similar wetting and emulsifying properties like fatty alcohol ethoxylates. They are sometime used as replacements of fatty acid polyethylene glycol esters made by esterification of fatty acids and polyethylene glycols. They sometimes have specific regulatory and food contact approvals.

Fatty acid ethoxylate have many uses, primarily as nonionic surfactants in various formulations both, industrial & domestic. These are also used as cleaning agents, wetting agents, dispersants or emulsifiers softners, spin finishing agents in textile formulations. Also these are used as emulsifiers, solubalizers in cosmetics & health care formulations.

I.C.C manufactures a wide range of ethoxylates of coconut fatty acid.

CAE 10

Coconut Fatty Acid Ethoxylate 10 mol. 

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